Real numbers, real connections

Live information you need, instantly.

Say goodbye to worrying about outdated itineraries!

With our diversity of information direct from your target audience, you are able to identify the latest trends, forecasts, preferences and even behaviors.

Travelton provides 4 main functionalities to achieve this:

Analyze, Build, Target & Communicate.


Understand what your target segment is researching on. Stay up to date and gain first-hand insights.


Quickly identify destinations/attractions that people are going to.


Predict where your travelers are going 1 year from now.


Trends identified quickly with our tagging system.


Understand the demographics of your travelers.


Travel itinerary packages made easy!

The most time-consuming part of the business, now possible in minutes.

Spent hours just for a potential customer? Combining our algorithms with direct data, you can ensure that the packages you created are on-demand and the routes are optimized.

Monitor your packages and update based on new data

Quickly understand what’s working and what isn’t with your packages. Update them based on new demands at ease.

Constantly look at the results and minimize your costs & risks.

Advertise your packages, reach out to another market

Directly to customers, our algorithm matches your packages to the most relevant travelers so that you only pay for the highest chance of conversions.

1) Instantly run advertising campaigns with the packages you created!

2) Know your target and set your budgets.

3) View the results and make adjustments to maximize your budget!


Directly connect to your customers at all stages. Get quick useful information to assist them quickly.


Assist your customers to their queries. Co-create itineraries easily and secure your customers!


Hold briefings in groups or individuals. Remove the need for physical meetups.

During trip

Assist in difficulties, provide additional support. Get quick details such as last known location and current position.


Get feedback, provide followups and build customer relations.

Get your questions answered!

We look to add hotels once we have the system up. We understand that hotels would be a huge priority especially for tour agencies. Flights will follow soon.

Our initial focus is to gain a huge user base to collect data. For supplier prices, we look to add them in as long as we can secure a reliable source.

Currently, our mock-ups are just concepts. Once we’ve secure more industrial data, we will update them so that everything you need will be present.

Partner with us!

We are not competitors to Travel agencies. We act as the bridge that connects the new generation of travelers to you.